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The one-stop shop for Personal Protective Equipment, Personalised workwear, Corporate Clothing, Disposable Coveralls, Janitorial Supplies, First Aid, Safety Signs, Workplace Products and much more.

With over 30 years PPE Industry experience, our service and quality is guaranteed

All our Embroidery, Printing, and Laser engraving services are in house and run by our dedicated and skilled production and design team.  We have no minimum order quantities and we can design from most file formats.  We have one eight head, one six head, one four head and five single head embroidery machines to cater for all sizes of customer be it large or small.  We have three large width format Versacamm printers and one state of the art OKI Tmt For Digital Image Transfer Printing.  We also have two Laser engraving machines, so we are more than equipped to cater for all our customer branding requirements from clothing branding to mugs we've got you covered.

Our In house sales team are always on hand to help from general enquiries to helping you through the design process or product recommendation and we also have a large Trade counter for those wishing to visit us in person and with over 10,000 items in stock you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

We can offer free next day delivery nationwide on orders over £100.00 if under a small carriage charge and we offer free delivery throughout the Northwest with no minimum order quantities using our own delivery team

We are always striving to improve and we are constantly looking at ways to service our customers better.  We always welcome feedback as we always want to get better at what we do! If you're looking for a one off order our a long term reliable supplier offering competitive prices with the stock and machinery to fulfil our customers needs we feel you have come to the right place.


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Burscough Richmond FC
Absolutely delighted with our rain Jackets.  Thanks again to @safetycontrolsuppliesltd for the quick and efficient delivery of the tops, highly recommended for printing and embroidery for your club kits.

Wigan Autos
Visited the trad shop 4 years agp and Safety Controls Have supplied my business with safety gloves, safety boots and general PPE to keep my workforce safe ever since.  The team at Safety Control are always so helpful and if I have an issue with anything PPE related it's always resolved.


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If you need help or informtion regarding any of our products or if you need advice and guidence regarding the correct clothing or PPE to choose. Simply click on the contact us tab submit your question or request and Wolfie will be straight back to you and like all married couples if Wolfie doesnt know the answer Wolfetta certianly will!! 

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Safety Control and Supplies follow a strict ethics and compliance policy which we track and analyze on a regular bases to ensure we make the every effort for our company, staff and the Environment as follows. 

 1. Transparency
Transparency includes accurately representing facts, expressing a truth in its entirety and communicating clearly and openly about all that a company does and says. It is the substance of a strong relationship with customers and so directly impacts the success, integrity and stability of a company.

 The more honesty a company illustrates the more the public is likely and willing to trust in its service, product or mission. This is more paramount during public relations crises when complete disclosure is of upmost importance to overcoming business issues.

 2. Integrity
Keeping with a decision, especially when under pressure to do otherwise, demonstrates honour and courage. Companies that stick with their beliefs that what is morally correct based on equality and fairness can exhibit commendable strength of character.

 3. Trustworthiness
Companies that keep to their promises and fulfil obligations to their employees, business partners and customers demonstrate their commitment to business ethics. Trustworthiness and honesty is an enormous factor in order to succeed in business because people prefer to work with and purchase from those they believe are dependable and principled.

 4. Loyalty
Loyalty incorporates all relationships a business has plus those with staff, partners, investors and consumers. Loyalty enables a business to make decisions aiding these relationships and also to overcome influences from outside with conflicting interests. This illustrates the business values and the development of the company and employees above an owner's personal gain.

 5. Fairness
Companies should endeavour to act fairly and pledge to exercise their power morally. Leaders should only use respectable methods to gain an advantage over the competition. Also, fairness is linked to equality, which means being open minded and the ability to treat everyone equally. Fairness and equality can be demonstrated in hiring practices, marketing initiatives, business partnerships and competing within the market for new consumers or clients.

 6. Compassion
Ethical companies show genuine kindness, understanding and care for the welfare of others. In business, this means fulfilling business goals to produce their best while causing the minimal amount of damage. When a business makes decisions, careful consideration of their choices and how each decision may impact upon an individual or community helps minimise the potential negative impacts, depending on the industry.

 7. Respect
Having basic respect for the rights, privacy and dignity of people—including people within and outside the company—is very important as a business ethical standard. Companies that treat all humans with respect regardless of religion, sex, race, nationality etc., are often viewed in a positive manner to the public.

 Respect also relates to client or customer confidentiality as companies have to keep to an ethical standard of storing information such as bank account details, health background or social security numbers private. Sustaining this level of privacy shows respect and ensures the company conforms to a variety of industry-specific laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

 8. Lawfulness
Business ethics involves conforming to legal regulations and responsibilities regarding their business activities like taxes, worker safety and employment and labour laws. Companies that work within the limits of the legal system are more credible and respectable, which enables them to maintain a strong positive reputation as an employer that encourages and inspires high-quality candidates to apply for roles.

 9. Providing excellence
Ethical organizations always strive to deliver excellence by working to maintain the greatest quality of service or products to their clients and customers. They pursue creativity and innovation, looking for the finest ways to deliver their goods with the view of constantly aiming to improve their performance, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

 10. Responsibility
Business’s with high ethical standards identify their obligations to their employees and customers and fully understand the ways and the conduct of their leadership affects the Company. Organisations have a responsibility to lead with the standards and mission of the company to make informed decisions that benefit everyone.

 Company leaders should carry out ethical standards and set an example to others by demonstrating the standards themselves.

 11. Reputation upholding
An ethical company will seek to uphold and guard a positive reputation to construct a motivating work culture, keep investors engaged and deliver an exceptional service to their customers. Maintaining a good reputation means participating in conduct that uplifts and encouraging the company. If any course of action attempts to undermine a company's reputation, leaders are required to handle the situation appropriately whilst observing other ethical standards such as transparency, accountability and responsibility.

 12. Accountability
Ethical businesses undertake the responsibility for all decisions made as a company and by declaring their mistakes to all of those who may be affected by an error including shareholders, employees and the public. As well as taking accountability, companies must also accept any consequences that may occur and do so with transparency.

Safety Control and supplies was established in 2002