Adding embroidery to your uniforms is a reflection of your brand’s attention to detail, and also helps to ensure that customers can see a distinction between you and other similar companies. Safety Control Supplies offer embroidery services to help elevate your brand’s look and remind your employees that they’re part of a team.

Embroidery from Safety Control Supplies

Customise your garments with the UK embroidery services that we offer here at Safety Control Supplies. Our dedicated team ensure that you get a professional finish with every single item.

Our high-quality finish will cement to your customers that you’re the go-to people in your industry.

Why choose embroidery?

Using embroidery for your safety clothing and workwear is the best way to ensure a lasting quality finish on your garments. Embroidery is one of the most popular ways to add a company logo onto different items, simply because it’s quality and hard-wearing - which is a must for some industries.

The needle and thread craft gives a stunning textured 3D effect to garments and can be used on both simple and more detailed designs. Elevate your business with a branded uniform with custom embroidery for a professional look.

Benefits of custom embroidered workwear

There are plenty of advantages to custom embroidery for your business, here’s why you might want to consider it.

Professional look

Having a logo embroidered onto your safety clothing and workwear is a simple way to give your business a professional look. Not only this, but it also enhances your company’s branding image.

Creates a team

When you have your workforce wearing a uniform that is embroidered with the company’s logo you’ll reinforce the fact that the employee is part of a larger team. This is a great way of boosting morale and letting them know that they have other people around to help if they need it. It’s also shown to help improve rapport between staff members too, helping to develop team player skills that you’d want to flourish between your workforce.

Brand awareness

When you use UK embroidery services to personalise your workwear, you’ll be reaching the general public when your team are out and about. This is a great way of advertising your business to prospective customers.

Makes your employees identifiable

When your staff are wearing customised uniforms it makes it easier for customers to identify them if they need help. This is a great way to increase customer service in a simple, time-friendly way.

Embroidery is durable

The great thing about embroidery as a personalisation service is that it’s durable and long-lasting. So no matter how many times a garment is washed, and at what temperature, the embroidery will still be intact. This ensures that you get a great cost-per-wear valuation for the embroidery services you choose.

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