Custom Printing Services


Give your safety workwear a personalised touch with our custom printing services that allow you to add your branding to most garments.

We offer different custom printing options so you can choose the best options for your business.

The different types of custom printing

There are two options of printing services available from Safety Control Supplies:

  • Digital printing
  • Transfer printing


What is digital printing?

Digital printing sees a digital image printed directly onto clothing, similar to how a computer printer will print onto paper from your computer.

The benefits of digital printing

Digital printing is a great option for custom printing services for many reasons, here they are:

Easy to set up - unlike setting up a printing screen, there’s little cost to setting up a digital printing job.

Ideal for complex designs - as the custom print is coming straight from an image, it’s the best option for complex designs as you can have multiple colours and intricate images. This type of printing is the way you’d print photographs onto garments.

Cheap printing services - as it’s easily set up, this can often be a more cost effective option when it comes to custom printing services.

Versatile, quality printing - The nature of this printing style allows for the greatest versatility when it comes to printing custom designs. The quality is unrivalled too, you’ll get an excellent finish even if you wish to use multiple colours on your design.

What is transfer printing?

Transfer printing is a custom printing option that sees an image or text on a vinyl that is then heat pressed at a high temperature onto clothing.

This type of printing is what you’ll see on football shirts when the name is transferred onto the back.

Benefits of transfer printing

Small orders - the nature of this printing style makes it ideal option for those with small to medium sized orders.

Individuality - if you’re looking to print individual names onto items for your workforce, then this is probably the best custom printing option for you.

Versatility - this printing style is great for a variety of garments, so if you’re looking for a versatile printing option this is the ideal choice. It’s also ideal for printing on areas of garments that might be harder to reach.

Make a custom printing order

Get in touch today to discuss your custom printing needs and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your options and run you through the process and costs that you will incur with the different printing styles available to you. Call the number 01704 898 970 now.