Himalayan Storm Leather Waterproof Safety Boot S3 - HYM5209

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Himalayan 5209 Storm Leather Waterproof Safety Boot

200 Joule toecap protection; Closed seat region (fully enclosed heel); Energy absorption of seat region;
Plus water penetration and water absorption resistance; Cleated outsole; Penetration resistance 1100 Newtons; Anti-Static

Slip Resistance Rating SRC - Outsole Slip Resistance BS EN ISO : 20345:2011/ CLAUSE NO-; Tested on Ceramic Tile/Sodium Lauryl - Heel part 0.28; Flat Contact 0.32; Tested on Steel Floor/Glycerol – Heel Part 0.13; Flat Contact 0.18

Toecap/Midsole: Composite / Composite

Rating Standard: S3 / Waterproof

European Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011

Heat Resistance to: 300°C

Size Range: 6-13

Anti-Slip Anti-Static Oil Resistant Sole Shock Absorber Heel Steel Midsole 200 Joule Steel Toe Cap Water Penetration Resistant S3 SRC


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