JSP MK VII Safety Helmet JSPMK7

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JSP MK VII Safety Helmet JSPMK7

This is the JSP MK7 ® safety helmet is for the ultimate head protection. This head protection took years of research and development into creating a very comfortable and the safest helmet available, which has been packed with different features for maximum comfort and safety. The all round head protection protects the head from all directions and angles not just the crown.

The iconic design of the MK7 ® hard hat is that it has a no nonsense appearance and the strength in the hat is the most recognisable modern safety available to this day. With most duplicated styles that has become a true classic; it has a design that performs far higher than the EN 397 which is the standard requirement. This hard hat is suitable for jobs in the likes of construction, engineering, manufacturing, electrical engineers and external telecoms workplaces.


Available in 2 different colours, White and Yellow.

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